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July 16, 2006

Saturday night cookout

group early.JPG
All set up

hope and grace.JPG
Hope and Grace

kids on swingset.JPG
Kids having fun

kids swingset helping.JPG

loretta climbing up.JPG
Loretta going up,

loretta sliding down.JPG
and down.

kids swingset everybody up.JPG

kids lily and glacken sliding.JPG

kids ali swinging.JPG

brian and patty.JPG
Brian and Patty

buddies sean and jeff.JPG
Sean and Jeff

grill george and hope.JPG
George and Hope

thanks jesse.JPG
Thank you Jesse!

yum 1.JPG

girls in the bus.JPG
Girls in the bus

ben and the kayak.JPG
Want to go for a paddle Ben?

out for a paddle.JPG
Off they go...

more pie george.JPG
More pie George?

duck duck goose patrick chasing lily.JPG
Duck Duck Goose

sunset 1.JPG

bloody knuckles patty and brian1.JPG
Bloody Knuckles

sid and the spread.JPG
Sid and the spread

sunset leter.JPG

brian in kayak with moon 2.JPG
Returning from their paddle.

sleeping ben in kayak.JPG
Sleepy Ben

kids in truck.JPG
See you next time!

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