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July 25, 2006

Weird Statues

Check out this funny link to see some absolutely bizarre statues around the world.


Here are a few of my favorites:

tripping man (belgium.jpg

photographer (slovakia.jpg


bizarre boobs.jpg
Bizarre Boobs

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July 24, 2006


heath and tippy.JPG
This is Tippy. He was 17.5 years old when he died last year. Or no, 2 years ago. For a 25 year old, spending 17 years with a pet was really special. He was my best bud, my little prince. I miss him. I still have dreams about him though, and that is nice.

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July 16, 2006

George and Heath out on the river

Nice Zodiac!

boat 1.JPG
Woohoo! George bought the boat!


heather 1.JPG

ct river museum.JPG
Ct. River Museum

essex cemetery.JPG
Essex Cemetery


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Cruise on the River

george driving boat close up.JPG




the guys and abby.JPG
Good times!

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Saturday night cookout

group early.JPG
All set up

hope and grace.JPG
Hope and Grace

kids on swingset.JPG
Kids having fun

kids swingset helping.JPG

loretta climbing up.JPG
Loretta going up,

loretta sliding down.JPG
and down.

kids swingset everybody up.JPG

kids lily and glacken sliding.JPG

kids ali swinging.JPG

brian and patty.JPG
Brian and Patty

buddies sean and jeff.JPG
Sean and Jeff

grill george and hope.JPG
George and Hope

thanks jesse.JPG
Thank you Jesse!

yum 1.JPG

girls in the bus.JPG
Girls in the bus

ben and the kayak.JPG
Want to go for a paddle Ben?

out for a paddle.JPG
Off they go...

more pie george.JPG
More pie George?

duck duck goose patrick chasing lily.JPG
Duck Duck Goose

sunset 1.JPG

bloody knuckles patty and brian1.JPG
Bloody Knuckles

sid and the spread.JPG
Sid and the spread

sunset leter.JPG

brian in kayak with moon 2.JPG
Returning from their paddle.

sleeping ben in kayak.JPG
Sleepy Ben

kids in truck.JPG
See you next time!

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Heath's new toy!

side view 1.JPG

Outside of Centerbrook Architects

First Paddle with Julie

This Rocks!

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Scoot Shots

moving scooter.JPG

scooter's granddaddy.JPG
Scooter's Granddaddy

under the power lines.JPG

we're being watched.JPG
We're being watched...

tough guy on a scooter.JPG

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George at Home

george and the bus.JPG

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Fourth of July Picnic, Westbrook CT

group on beach.JPG

jeff and the grill.JPG
What's Jeff secret to grilling such tasty treats?

grill shot.JPG

jeff and the grill 2.JPG
Huh, maybe this has something to do with it.



crabbing bait.JPG

shelby thumbs up.JPG
Hi Shelby!

group by grill.JPG

fire pit.JPG
Getting Ready for Fireworks

group on beach for fireworks.JPG

george and heath.JPG
Happy Fourth of July!

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Cook Out July 3rd

dave and george having a chuckle.JPG
Dave and George

wine and two beers jeff.JPG
Jeff with multiple beverages.

Dirk and his ladies, Connie and Grissell

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Father's Day

dave balancing ball in group.JPG

floating julia and mom.JPG
And Swimming Pools,

dad and george tossing.JPG
Make a great Father's Day!

dad and dave view of pond.JPG

julie tossing.JPG

george posing.JPG
Boules Master (Nice outfit George!)

sitting by the pool george and julia 1.JPG

mom and julia on bench.JPG
With a guest appearance that was a great surprise from Julia!
I'm still very impressed Mom was able to keep this a secret from all of us!

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