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May 29, 2006


row with tall one behind.JPG

3 in a row 2.JPG

against trees.JPG

back rows.JPG

foot stone.JPG

in trees.JPG

mossy one.JPG

roses on it.JPG


white against tree.JPG

white with many in background.JPG

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pink tree with whites.JPG

red tree and green tree.JPG


tree and wall.JPG

wall better.JPG

wall with sun going down 1.JPG

wall and tree.JPG

white tree.JPG

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May 08, 2006

Sunday Afternoon in a Canoe

1jeff and abby canoing.JPG
This is Abby! She loves canoe rides.

2abby watching ducks.JPG
She likes the ducks,

3abby watching heron.JPG
and herons;

4heron take off.JPG
although neither stay for very long.

5turtle jeff.JPG
Turtles are harder to find, but they stay until you put them back.

standing up.JPG
Standing George

7ducking jeff.JPG
Watch out for the low bough!

8ducking george.JPG
Ducking George

9jeff and heather.JPG
On our way...

11george standing.JPG
to our secret spot.

10barge jeff and george.JPG

12jeff and abby.JPG

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EBC and Friends! 5/6/06

river george.JPG
Another beautiful day at the boat club.

jeff in dave's sunglasses.JPG
Isn't Jeff the coolest?

sun with dark clouds.JPG
There goes the sun...

dave in george's sunglasses.JPG
Unless you have a pair of orange sunglasses.

brian and ben.JPG
Brian and Ben

matt, ali and sid.JPG
Matt, Ali and Sid

football dave and george.JPG
Guys playing sports.

baseball kids.JPG
Kids playing sports!

grace at bat.JPG
Grace at bat.

george with the plane.JPG
Just stopping by!

hope and ben.JPG
Hope and Ben

jeff and george early.JPG
Jeff and George early

kids ontop of van.JPG
Kids love the bus!

dirk and grissell and dan.JPG
Dirk and Grissell... and Dan

jeff and george late.JPG
Jeff and George late

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