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February 12, 2006

Oh, yes, and the weather...

We've heard about your blizzardy conditions up there, and have looked at the pictures on line (chuckle chuckle). We feel very sorry (chuckle) for all of you who are out shoveling the walks in your boots and big coats, wrapped up in scarves and mittens and hats. 26.3 inches! Wowwwwie! That's a lot of snow. We want you to know that we're thinking of all of you up there, freezing your buns off. And please enjoy this picture and know that snow does melt, and the sun will rise again to warm your chilly willies away.

And by the way, we're experiencing a big cold front down here, too. It was only 50 degrees today!! And it's going down to 32 tonight! But I'm sure that knowledge doesn't relieve your cold nose and numb fingers. So here is a nice picture for you!!

sun b.JPG

Posted by Heather at February 12, 2006 06:32 PM


Well, Heath, I am very glad that we were not trying to fly from Puerto Rico at the weekend, otherwise my finger might have been seriously up somebody's nose, except that now Dad is a member of the Executive Lounge, so we could have waited, and waited, and waited, in some comfort. Our weather is beginning to get a little warmer, but it means that I have to do out and dig the garden - it is like painting the Forth Road Bridge - never ending, the weeds seem to love the conditions here and just grow and grow and grow, whereas plants require lots of TLC and water. Bum! Am enjoying visiting your website and seeing how you are going along. Oh to be young and carefree and just do what you are doing.

Lots of love


Posted by: Julia at February 13, 2006 05:09 AM

Watch it, Smartie Pants. We've saved some snowballs specifically for you (get my drift) in the freezer!!

Posted by: Mom at February 13, 2006 01:55 PM

You truly are an evil girl. Your mom may have snowballs waiting for you but I have a basketful of tomatoes that should be nice and rotten for you by the time you get back here!

Posted by: Nicole at February 14, 2006 11:17 PM

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