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February 07, 2006

Lover's Key

Lovers Key 007b.JPG
Hi Everybody! Sorry to be away for so long! We were in the middle of the woods camping. But we're back!! The Myakka Pictures will be up soon, but here are our pictures from Lover's Key.

Lovers Key 009.jpg
We went for a hike...

Lovers Key 006.jpg

Lovers Key 018b.JPG

Lovers Key 012b.JPG

Lovers Key 022b.JPG

Lovers Key 023b.JPG

Lovers Key 024b.JPG

Lovers Key 032b.JPG

Lovers Key 037b.JPG
And went to the beach!

Quick Sand 2.jpg
This one is for Julie! It's Quick Sand!!

Shells Lovers Key 2b.JPG

Sand Dollars Lovers Key 2b.JPG

Lovers Key 055b.JPG

Seagulls 4b.JPG

Seagulls 7b.JPG

Lovers Key 059b.JPG

Lovers Key  060b.JPG

Lovers Key 061b.JPG

Posted by Heather at February 7, 2006 08:59 AM


"Mine...mine....Mine.....MIne.........MIne..MIne....Mine" (seagulls). Loved the butterfly.

Posted by: Mom at February 7, 2006 03:29 PM

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