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December 15, 2005

Stone Age Humans Often Squatted

Three toe bones found in a South African cave reveal that humans 100,000 years ago frequently squatted, according to a team of anthropologists who analyzed the bones.
The discovery suggests that Middle Stone Age humans, along with a possible human ape ancestor, already were engaged in some kind of agricultural work at this relatively early phase in human history.
"If this activity (squatting) is done for long periods of time with some regularity, the (bone) surfaces that make contact become remodeled into what are called 'squatting facets,' which are huge on our Klasies metatarsals (foot bones)," said Jeffrey Schwartz, one of the scientists who analyzed the bones.
Schwartz, an anthropology, history and philosophy of science professor at the University of Pittsburgh, added, "Squatting is often associated with agricultural activities, such as planting, weeding, etc."
Findings will be published in the Journal of Human Evolution.

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