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December 15, 2005

Slowing traffic by setting up living rooms in the street

Ted Dewan was tired of cars zooming down the residential street in front of his house, so he designed a series of "DIY traffic-calming happenings," including living room furniture sets in the middle of the road.
These type of "DIY traffic-calming happenings" are described by their creator as "roadwitches" and have included an 11-feet high rabbit, a big bed (for a sleeping policeman), a Casualty-style fake crash scene for Halloween and the setting up of a living room in the middle of the road.
"There's an element of fun and mischief, but underneath is the ambition to encourage people to re-examine how roads are used," says Mr Dewan.
"With the living room, it was the most direct way of saying 'We live here. This is our living space.'"
And he says that residents really enjoyed the strangeness of being able to relax outside in their own street, rather than feel it was a place only belonging to the cars that race up and down it.

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